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Below are abstracts of some of the most popular articles written by Deborah Klee. Wherever possible a PDF version is available to download

Deborah Klee and Marc Mordey (2014), Using 'asset-based social work' to enable older people to stay independent, Community Care January 2014

Deborah Klee, Marc Mordey, Steve Phaure, Cormac Russell (2014) Asset based community development enriching the lives of older citizens, Working with Older People, Volume 18 Number 3 pp.111- 127

The above two papers can be found at www.vintagecommunities.co.uk

Jill Manthorpe , Deborah Klee , Cathie Williams , Adi Cooper , (2014) Making Safeguarding Personal: developing responses and enhancing skills, Journal of Adult Protection, Vol 16 issue 2 pp. 96-103


This paper aims to contextualise and summarise the Making Safeguarding Personal programme and to place this in the context of early developments in research-based evidence.


A programme of sector led improvement in local council adult safeguarding arrangements was carried out in four English local councils by the Local Government Association and other stakeholders. Support was provided to four local council test bed sites to assist them to test and adapt different approaches to adult safeguarding that placed emphasis on outcomes and on approaches to mediation to assist vulnerable adults to improve their circumstances


Key findings from the test bed sites are that it may be possible to consider the outcomes of safeguarding interventions from “user” perspectives and that it appears that practitioners may welcome support with taking forward methods of mediation and work with family networks. These activities reflect an interest in developing practice responses and measures of effectiveness.


Councils will need to develop measures of the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements and sector led improvements can contribute to these from a “bottom up” perspective. Practitioners often welcome opportunities to reflect on and to invest in responses to cases of alleged and proven abuse and neglect.

Reconciling Putting People First and World Class Commissioning: A case Study
Journal of Integrated Care Vol. 17 issue 2 April 2009 pp. 27- 34

Telford and Wrekin Council and PCT have developed a Health and Well-being Strategy that includes all health and council services that contribute to this, including secondary health care. This article describes the challenges that they faced in understanding and agreeing shared priorities and how they used this whole systems framework to keep a clear focus on what local people want and need, bringing together and making sense of national policy such as World Class Commissioning and Putting People First.
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Explaining about …health and social care commissioning
Working with Older People Vol. 12, issue 4 Dec 2008 pp. 10-13

While the NHS and local government are developing their understanding of commissioning and are busy with plans for the personalisation of services and ‘world class commissioning’, other partner organisations are left wondering what this all means. This article explains how national policy is changing the way services are planned and commissioned and what this means for older people and provider services.
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The new national framework for NHS funded continuing care
British Journal of Community Nursing Vol 13 issue 1 04 Jan 2008 pp. 38-40

This article outlines the new National framework for NHS funded continuing care and NHS funded nursing care (Department of health 2007) and the implications for community nurses. Successful implementation is dependent upon good multidisciplinary assessment and person centred care planning. Good practice in these areas is described.
The role of the registered nurse in carrying out an assessment for NHS funded continuing care, the importance of record keeping and professional accountability are discussed.

Partnerships in Inspection: Lessons from the Review of the NSF for Older People
Journal of Integrated Care Vol 14, issue 6 Dec 2006 pp. 45-51

Joint reviews are an approach to partnership working between those involved in inspection and regulation. They provide great opportunities but also some challenges. This article describes a case study of the review of the National Service Framework for Older People. It discusses issues of culture and commitment, organisational imperatives and governance.
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