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Cllr James Maddan
Cabinet Member and Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board

About this time last year Vintage Communities approached Wandsworth Borough Council with an innovative approach focused on supporting older people within their communities to promote and maintain their wellbeing. Following a presentation to the Wandsworth Health and Wellbeing Board on how the programme would help local people to develop and sustain programmes to meet their own identified needs Wandsworth Borough Council agreed to pilot this community development programme in our Bedford Ward.

Through early consultation residents identified where making more effective connections from within their local community would secure some real benefits. Already we have seem programmes established ranging from inter-generational cookery, IT classes being given by younger people to older people using equipment based in the area, and an oral history group has been established.

Whilst happy with progress to date we hope this is just the beginning of further developments in both Bedford ward and spreading more widely across the Borough. The Council is proud of the skills, motivation and sense of community felt by the vast majority of its residents and wishes to support programmes such as Vintage Communities which focus on supporting communities to help themselves maximise their wellbeing.

Cormac Russell
Director of Nurture Development
Director of ABCD Europe, Affiliated to the ABCD Institute
International Faculty Member of the ABCD Institute, Northwestern University, Illinois

The Vintage initiative recognises what many savvy development practitioners know, that is, there are more gifts and capacities to be found in communities than any one person can know. This untapped reservoir of local capacities and resources is often at its richest among older people whose time, experience and skills have the potential to build sustainable and sustaining communities, where people can age well across the entire life course.
Older people have the potential to be at the fountain head of people powered change-yet so many end their days feeling useless, and dying from loneliness and isolation, in a sea of unreleased community care and hospitality. The Vintage initiative seeks to support older people themselves to come together across the UK to identify, connect and mobilise their assets for social and economic change in their neighbourhoods. In so doing it seeks to address the issues of loneliness and isolation with the only known cure: community building. What better way to bring the aspirations of people powered change to their tipping point than by building a national association of associations of older people all actively building their communities through the principles of Asset Based Community Development?
This is an important offering to the social change landscape of the UK, led by highly respected practitioners in the Ageing Well field, and for that reason I am very pleased to recommend this initiative and to support it into the future.

Mervyn Eastman
Society Secretary and Co-director
Change AGEnts Network UK Ltd
The Older Peoples’ Participation Co-operative

The time has come for older people to take control of the ageing agenda; to directly voice and challenge age stereotypes that exist in local communities and neighbourhoods; to value their past, but equally to shape their futures.

As the Baby Boomer generation(s) have started to reach their mid-sixties and enter early middle age they will not accept being patronized or treated paternalistically by those who think they know best what is in our best interests as we age.

The Vintage Programme provides a powerful platform for older people to reshape how society thinks about us. It has the evidence that shows just what a change older people, as community leaders and participants, can make in those communities but also across the wider community. Change AGEnts recognises this contribution, supports the basis on which Vintage changes not just lives, but how older people direct their energies and contribution towards empowerment and hence a society for all ages.

We are privileged to support the Vintage Communities challenge !


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