What do we do?

The vision of Vintage Communities is to facilitate a movement of people committed to developing connected and caring communities which bring together young and old to find local solutions to local problems and in the process develop social networks and a sense of being valued and part of the community.

Vintage Communities will use the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to develop and support older people as community connectors. These community connectors will develop connected neighbourhoods which are inclusive and make the most of the community’s assets; neighbourhood by neighbourhood the approach will spread across the county and county by county across the country.

The ABCD approach genuinely empowers citizens and strengthens the effectiveness of government and other agencies by drawing on the resources, abilities and insights of local residents to solve their own problems. Outside assistance is still needed, but genuine community development must be citizen-led with external resources acting in a support role.

We facilitate older people to use their skills and experience to help build connected and caring communities which take responsibility for the things that are important to those that live there. This may include:

  • Staying healthy and independent
  • Being inclusive so that nobody feels alone or lonely
  • Feeling safe at home and in the neighbourhood
  • Supporting local businesses to help the local economy thrive
  • Looking after the environment
  • Bringing together people of all ages and from different ethnic backgrounds
  • Developing an enriching cultural environment

Each community will find its own solutions and ways of working, this may include setting up a community interest company CiC or a looser framework of support. The communities will function independently, although they may receive facilitation to get started, support and information when needed and membership of the Vintage Communities National Network. Each community that we work with will be encouraged to support another community to get started.

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