DWP 2009 Building a Society for all Ages
Audit Commission 2008 Don’t Stop me Now
WRVS  2011 Gold Age Pensioners: valuing the socio-economic contribution of older people in the UK
Mcknight and Block  The Abundant Community published 2010 Berret-Koehler Publishers
Participle Sept 2008 Beveridge 4.0 (downloaded from
Oxfordshire Age UK 2011 Safeguarding the Convey: a call to action from the Campaign to end Loneliness
Robert Putnam 2000 Bowling Alone: The collapse and revival of American community (http://www.bowling
Deborah Klee Working with Older People Vol 10 issue 4 Dec 2006 How older people are improving the health and well-being of Northampton residents
IDeA and LGA April 2009 Getting on well together: councils working with older people


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