Using 'asset-based social work' to enable older people to stay independent, Deborah Klee and Marc Mordey, Community Care January 2014

Supporting older people to make the most of their strengths and forge community networks can promote their independence but it requires perseverance, a project has found

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Asset based community development enriching the lives of older citizens, Deborah Klee, Marc Mordey, Steve Phaure, Cormac Russell, Working with Older People, Volume 18 Number 3 pp.111- 127

Asset-based community development (ABCD) has its origins in North America where Professors John McKnight and Jody Kretzman and their faculty and associates have successfully applied an approach to create more connected and caring communities. In the late 1980s over the course of four years McKnight and Kretzman along with 18 associates travelled across North America, visiting over 300 neighbourhoods in 20 cities.

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A practice guide to asset-based social work, Deborah Klee May 2014 - A resource from Vintage Communities (unpublished elsewhere)

Asset-based social work is a term that has come from an approach called asset-based community development or ABCD.

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