How we work

The ethos
McKnight and Block (2000) say that ‘community competence is most likely to occur where the consumer society and its institutions have not taken over’.

This is because the consumer society is based on creating needs so that people believe buying a service or commodity will fulfil that need instead of looking at what they have individually and collectively. The consumer culture depends upon dissatisfaction so that consumers are motivated to keep buying.

In building a caring and connected community we need to focus on assets;  the strengths, skills and attributes of citizens to find what the community can do for itself. Institutions are dependent upon services, systems and professionals. Systems are designed for creating business on a big scale and this requires consistency, control and predictability (McKnight and Block 2000). This will not work in finding local solutions, determined by local people. Communities need to find what works for them, they will each have different assets and some problems but how they work together to respond to these will be unique to that community and unpredictable.

Our Principles
Vintage Communities will work to some agreed principles to ensure that the ethos is not lost but it will develop organically and avoid being governed by systems. The process will take time, as community development is dependent upon citizen’s good will to contribute and this has to be at their own pace.

We aim to be inclusive working collaboratively with other organisations and creating the space for statutory organisations to work outside of their own systems.

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